Jul 16, 2009

Life On Line; Episode 11

It's that time of month again; the latest edition of Life On Line.

40 years ago the world watched on in amazement as NASA landed two men on the moon for that famous, “giant leap for mankind.” But to this day, there are still many who believe it never actually happened. On Life On Line, we meet a leading skeptic, who reviews the evidence and tries to settle the matter once and for all.

The Relay For Life is an annual fundraiser in support of cancer research. It happens in cyberspace too. The organizer for the Relay in the virtual world Second Life, Fayandria Foley previews the event starting July 18th.

Sigmund Leominster joins us for his regular round-up of internet news.

Our resident band SpaceJunky performs their new single ‘Love Forgives’.

That’s Life On Line from July 15th. Click on the right to watch the episode.

Jul 12, 2009

SL6B Video

Here's a great video from the folks at the Machinema Artists Guild.

The promo video was made for the Second Life 6th Birthday event, where Machinima Artists Guild were represented as a part of a huge party/exhibition. The girl who appears on the video Josie Anderson, Project Manager from the Guild Group on SL6B

You can find more about the Machinima Artists Guild at http://slmachinimaarts.ning.com

Jul 8, 2009

SS Galaxy article in "Prim Perfect" magazine

My latest piece is a look at the SS Galaxy, published in the July 2009 edition of Prim Perfect magazine.

It's well worth a trip to see this huge build. My article looks at some of the people involved with the Galaxy.