Aug 27, 2010

MBC News: 8-27-10

I'm back in the studios and this week we look at a blogger tax in Philadelphia, a litigious Internet games in Hawaii, the closure of Teen Grid, and "Emeraldgate."

MBC News 8-27-10 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

And this week, I'm wearing a jacket from Hoorenbeek, shirt from Simone!, trousers from Muism, and Redgrave loafers - although the latter items are well and truly tucked under the desk ;)

Aug 19, 2010

MBC News: 8-18-10

I've been on the road this week so didn't make it to the studios for the news. However, here's the latest episode with Prokofy Neva commenting on SLCC 2010, SL Viewer 2 hits the web, and Lisa hits a Shoe Fair.

MBC News 8-18-2010 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

Aug 12, 2010

MBC News: 8-11-10

Google and Verizon making a deal? Skype goes public. Comedy in Second Life. And semi-naked news reporters shaking their maracas...

MBC News 8-11-2010 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

Aug 4, 2010

MBC News: 8-4-10

Twinity opens up virtual Miami. Philip Rosedale and Bob Komin address the masses. And much more chat and trivia...

MBC News 8-4-2010 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.