Jan 28, 2010

MBC News: 1-27-10 (without Siggs)

Having been forced to spend a week in Florida on business (yeah, dirty job but someone has to do it) the latest MBC News doesn't include me, but it's still worth watching ;)

Crap Mariner talks about his latest project, Tunes In SL.

Jan 21, 2010

MBC News: 1-14-10

Phew! Real life is moving apace and I even had to miss a week on the news because I was in Las Vegas at the annual Consumer Electronics Show - CES 2010. There's a brief report on the show.

MBC News 1-14-2010 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

The next edition of the news is in the can but I'm due to take another week off for a trip to Orlando. No, I'm not on vacation - I'm doing some training and meeting with our international distributors to work on the 2011 (yes, that's next year) product plans. I mention this by way of an explication as to why my second life is so restricted - the first keeps interfering with it!

Jan 16, 2010

Link to the Leominster Galleries

The official link to the Leominster Galleries is here:


Or use the SLurl: secondlife://Root Squared/236/243/351

There's also more information about specific works at my new site, The Leominster Galleries. The current temporary collection, housed in Gallery IV, is "The Illustrators Collection" and features works by Kay Nielsen, Edmund Dulac, and Gustave Dore.

Jan 1, 2010

The Leominster Galleries: New Old Blog

I'm rebranding my SL on VL site to become The Leominster Galleries. The aim is to provide a web-based support site for my new Second Life-based Leominster Galleries. It's the beginning of 2010 so I'm officially opening the galleries for visitors.

I'll also be starting a group, something I haven't done before. The aim will be to share changes to the gallery to members. I'd also like to think I can find one or two other folks who are as interested in paintings as I am to keep the gallery fresh.

Stop over to The Leominster Galleries and start enjoying your Second Life art experience.