Jul 28, 2008

EXXESS and Avenue Models Fashion Show

The Wilder girls have just sent me a pack of sexy pics from the EXXESS fashion show that took place just over a week ago. I thought I'd post them because they are so cool and you can even see me... sort of. In the picture below, the red line points at my little blond head!






Wardrobe malfunction?

And finally, the head of Avenue Models herself, Rusch Raymaker!

Check out the Avenue Models blog for more information on this talented team of Second Life sophisticates, and the Wilder PR site for some more pics.

Slurl for EXXESS: http://slurl.com/secondlife/FOOKERS/177/229/23

New Jackets from Hoorenbeek

There was a sale at [hoorenbeek] this weekend and for less than L$1000 I picked up a fat pack of suede jackets. In the picture below, I am wearing the brown jacket in its open form. The jacket has alpha layering so you can wear things under it. In this case, I have a black Mythology tank top, on of four free tanks from the store. I'm also wearing my current favorites from Muism, the striped beige pants.

Next I slipped on the beige jacket along with a pink V-neck that came as one of many freebies in a goodie bag from Valiant clothing, which is currently closed as the owner moves to a new sim. The jeans are a pair I got as freebies when I first entered SL and are on of the few original items still in my inventory.

The jackets also come as closed, with shirts, and with a turtleneck top.

Jul 27, 2008

What You Been Up To, Sig?

As I've said before, daily posts are the province of the unemployed, the retired, the full-time paid blogger, and the crazy. My real life has been pretty full lately so my second has had to be less extravagant.But I have been doing stuff. I have finished two articles; one for the Metaverse Tribune that launches on 1st August, and a second for FreeLife, the next edition of which is in a few weeks time.

The first was a short interview with Shakti Cianci, lead singer for SpaceJunky, a terrific band whose debut album, Resident Alien, is available via iTunes(R). The second is a look at the designs of Iota Ultsch who owns the women's fashion store, Très Jolie.

I also attended a fashion show organized by Calamity Hathaway of Hathaway's Haute Model Agency (CHM). The show was focused on the creations of fashion designer Aeris Pinazzo, the owner of Mythology, a men's and women's apparel store.

Meanwhile I have shopped at Hoorenbeek, bought new stuff from Muism, and begun blogging for Simone Stern, writing reviews of clothing. So all in all, I have been busy in SL despite the call of the real.

Jul 22, 2008

Valiant Menswear

Valiant menswear offers a cool selection of clothes from top to bottom. Most items are photorealistic and great for mix-and-match. I found a great look by having my Hoorenbeek gray jacket over Valiant's black shirt and vest combo. I bought three pieces for L$250 each; a pair of gray pants, a white shirts and gray vest combo, and the aforementioned black set.

Here I'm wearing the open-neck white shirt with a gray vest (waistcoat) paired with the Valiant gray trousers and finished with my Redgrave shoes. The shirt has prim cuffs and the pants have prim hems, which, as you can see, mimic a break in the cuff. Casual and smart with just a hint of formal - or at least the after-party tie-less kicking back attitude ;)

Valiant slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/StormWind/43/46/24

Jul 20, 2008

EXXESS Designs and Avenue Models: Some Show!

So what's not to like about hot models, hot clothes, and hot music? Layja Vidor had an exciting array of designs on show for the New World Order event that took place yesterday. Rusch Raymaker, owner of Avenue Models, provided the talent for the spectacle, and Zasa Rossini of La Belle Vie furniture designed the runway.

In keeping with the theme of "hot," the runway entrance was a large, fiery Egyptian-styled portal through which the models would appear -a trick that only Second Life can allow for without inflicting third-degree burns to the models and terrible damage to the clothes. And what caught my eye? Legs. Or should I say the leg-wear. There were a variety of straps, thongs, chains, and other modes of wrapping all drawing attention to the legs and thighs. Maybe it's just me but it seemed that Layja has spent as much time working on the outfits below the thighs as above!

The show was fast-paced and flowed seamlessly - or if there were glitches I didn't notice. Kudos to Rusch for making that happen: There is nothing worse than being at a fashion show waiting for something to happen and having to endure long gaps while the organizers get organized. The downside of this is that when you have such a vivid and crowded environment, taking pictures requires a lot of preparation and skill; two things I lack in abundance. My suggestion to my good friends at Wilder PR is to get a hold of some pre-show model shots and have them sent to the press immediately after the show.

Having said that, Shenandoah Saintlouis managed to get some pre-show pics and has them posted on her blog: ShenS Blog. Take a look at the outfits there, and note the leg work!

Jul 16, 2008

Hang Gliding in Bora Bora

Last night we decided it was time to try on our swimming gear and head for a beach. After all, it is summer in real life so why not go with the seasons? I slipped into my Versace trunks and Mony wore a cute top covered with tiny slices of watermelon, bringing meaning to the phrase "looking good enough to eat.

We have been before and at that time we splashed in a hot tub, did some hang gliding, threw ourselves into a volcano, and finished off taking a shower to wash away the sand and lava. This time we simply went for the hang gliding.

To get there, look for the volcano and fly up to the crater. Avoid the impulse to drop into the magma and look around the edge for a platform. There you'll see the free hang glider. All you have to do it right click it and "sit," then use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate and your PgUp/PgDn to go up and down. When one person has left the platform, a new glider automatically rezzes so you can take a group of friends with you and play "dog fighting" above the sea.

Tragically, my day at the beach ended prematurely when my local ISP developed server problems and the cable network went down. I really wanted to go surfing too!

Bora Bora Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bora%20Bora%20Isles/245/81/22/

Jul 14, 2008

Sale @ Simone!

On Saturday, Simone Stern offered all her clothing for no more than L$200. With such bargain prices, it was too tempting an offer to turn down, so late in the evening, I headed for the Simone! store to see what I could find.

First up was a dark blue deep-plunge open-fronted shirt called the "Don Juan." Mony spotted it and said "buy that," so I did. Here you see it with my Muism pants and gift from Ben Vanguard - the dog tags.

My SL sister, Merry Felwitch, arrived with a giant pumpkin on her head, which was all the excuse Mony needed to don her cardboard box head. Fortunately, they left me in the men's section to go check out women's stuff. I believe Merry spent L$2000 - like Mony, she also seems to believe that God sends people to hell who have small inventories.

I found a summer suit designed by my friend Lissa Maertens. It's a pale-blue pinstripe that includes a shirt, ties, and even prim ties that flap around when you walk. It's the closest I have found to a seersucker suit and for L$200 I couldn't resist.

The suit also looks OK with a less formal open-necked shirt or T-shirt. I'm wearing it with my Redgrave black shoes but a pair of white shoes might work. Guess I have to go shopping. Again.

Jul 8, 2008

At Home With Sig: Kitchen

The shirt here is from Muism and is a deep red silk with prim cuffs. You can edit these to get the perfect fit. YOu also have the choice of this rolled sleeve version - where the prims are essential - or a long-sleeved option where you can get away without them. I prefer the rolled sleeve but it's your choice.

The pants are black jeans that came from Lissa Maertens' Cattiva e Cattivo, which was still there when I TPed a few weeks back. Sadly you migh tnot be able to find these pants that were part of a collection of denim. I have to say I either wear these or the Acid Night dark blue ones.

The shoes are my dark-brown casuals from Redgrave, a store that I could easily ransack for almost its entire content were it not for the small point that I can't afford it. Redgrave stuff is not cheap but worth every penny.


Cattiva e Cattivo


Jul 7, 2008

At Home With Sig: Lounge

Sometimes I like to kick back and watch TV. We have a cool lounger with some poses, on of which you can see in this picture.

The jacket is from Hoorenbeek and comes as an alpha-transparent version for mix-and-match or as a combo with a sweater and shirt. This gray one goes well with a range of colors, and in this instance I combined it with a shirt from Simone's Style Starts Here. She has a number of vertically striped shirts like this in different colors. The open collar is not symmetrical so provides interest to an ensemble.

The jeans are Acid Night from Cattiva e Cattivo, perhaps my most frequently worn pants. They are bottomed off by a pair of dark brown casuals from Redgrave, and like Simone's shirts these too come in different color options.


Style Starts Here

Cattiva e Cattivo

secondlife://SANDS Island 1/170/100/24/

Jul 6, 2008

At Home With Sig: Bedroom

More from Redgrave here. The black sweater was Mony's choice and a very good one at that! You can wear it just as it - like this picture - or with a shirt underneath. With a long-sleeved shirt, you see the ends of the sleeves.

The pants are beige flat fronts from Muism and the shoes are black Oxfords from Cattiva e Cattivo.


Cattiva e Cattivo


Jul 5, 2008

At Home With Sig: Gallery

I have a small collection of art and here I am stood at one end of the gallery with my Redgrave "Messy Pink" sweater. What I love is the way the shirt hangs out at the waist and back, and the asymmetrical collar.

The pants are from Muism and are beige striped khakis. No belt on the pants but the sweater/shirt has one ;)

The shoes are my new favorites from Redgrave; dark brown casuals. They are satisfyingly narrow - I hate clunky shoes - and I thought might be too casual because of the grain on them, but I was wrong!

secondlife://SANDS Island 1/170/100/24/


Jul 3, 2008

At Home With Sig: Balcony

The next few posts are for the fashionistas out there. I've picked a few outfits that I find interesting, and which I have bought during my travels as a fashion writer. I really do wear some of the stuff I write about, so when I say I love a designer, I'm not doing it as a way to score free clothes. Chance would be a fine thing. In fact, it would be fair to say that one of the reasons I write is so I can afford to buy the very things I write about! That's either a vicious or a virtuous circle, depending on your point of view (or level of cynicism).

I shot the pics around the house so you also get a peek at where I live. If you really like the kitchen, let me know because Mony, who designed and built it, would be happy to sell you a set!

Back to the clothes. Two basic items to mention are hair and glasses. My hair is from Armidi and came as a pack of four blond options: Blond, Pecan, Harvest, and Honey. In fact, I have become so attached to this hair both literally and stylistically that I have had no luck finding a new one. The second basic item are my glasses - a pair of Lunies from PrimOptic. you can change the frame and lens colors so I can endlessly tweak them to work with different outfits.

The jacket is Armidi's Moto Leather Jacket in yellow. It has prim sleeves, waist, and collar, so you can do a lot of adjustments to get it to fit just right. I paired it with an old pair of black jeans from Lissa Maertens' Cattiva e Cattivo range. I don't think you can get these any more so they are now officially "retro" or "limited edition."



Cattiva e Cattivo