Mar 29, 2011

MBC News: 3-29-11

A new day for recording the news, Monday, and a new time, 4:00 SLT. Japan and Syria are still in difficulties, teens are in potential trouble online, money launderers are under investigation, and I interview Lucy Eberhardt about the upcoming series, The Desperate Housewives of Beaver Ridge.

Lisa talks with Claus Uriza of Pop Art Lab, Mal covers Kitely and other Tech News while Eddy keeps everyone up to date on what's happening in the virtual world.

Mar 25, 2011

MBC News: 3-25-11

Back from my trip and sporting a new hair-do. Lisa Hermano reports on the Relay For Life and talks with Norman Maroon, Mal reports on the latest Second Life viewer, Eddy reports on What's On, and Dousa and I fill in with the rest of the news.

MBC News March 25th, 2011 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

And it's birthday week for Lisa and Dousa, so make sure you watch right to the very, very end of the news to see Robustus Hax's special tribute.

Mar 9, 2011

MBC News: 3-9-11

Siggy and the gang all in dresses? Ah, it's International Women's Day.

MBC News March 9th, 2011 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

Reign Congrejo joins us in the studio to talk about the up-coming Miss Ebony International.

Mar 3, 2011

It's not about the story, it's about the discussion

Follwoing my recent article in the Alphaville Herald about the Hippiestock event last January, a number of accusations have been made about my failure to mention a Second Life resident, Suspiria Finucane. In a thread on the SL Offworld Forum, Suspiria took me to task for omitting her contribution to the event, implying that I had intentionally done so because I was "biased" - presumably against her?

As I read through the comments, what was interesting was that a consensus was beginning to develop regarding my motivations, and people were using what I had said on the article to support their hypothesis - that I was involved in some sort of conspiracy of silence against Ms. Finucane.

Fascinatingly, the "proof" of my bias was based on what I didn't say, a classic example of using the rhetorical device called "argumentum ad ignorantiam" - or "arguing from ignorance." And no, the word "ignorance" in this context does not mean "stupid" - it simply means "being without facts." It's similar to the "Area 51" devotees who argue that because the government cannot prove there are NO aliens, then they must exist!

It's worth looking at the discussion because there are lots of little examples of how one can use anything to support a position if you want to. But ultimately, the truth is that I didn't mention Suspiria because I also didn't mention other people. I was also trying not to fill the article with names because I wanted to avoid spotlighting some folks over others, especially since the organizer, Hippie Bowman, had said that he felt this was a community event and not a one-person show.

There is also another spin-off post at Prokovy Neva's blog - which I haven't read because I'm too busy with Real Life things to do it - that took the discussion alog even further. So the post in the Herald had unintended consequences and crossed to a forum and a blog. And that's ignoring Suspiria's riposte, which you can read here;

Suspiria Finucane's riposte to "Hippiestock."

Although something of a storm in a teacup, it is instructive as far as the basic premise of the actual article went. What I was trying to talk about was the dual nature of Second Life folks who can go from being full of love for each other at a festival to using spite and hatred as a mode of rhetoric - yet still manage to avoid any cognitive dissonance. A new book, Virtually You by psychoanalyst Elias Aboujaoude is an excellent introduction to the subject of how the real and virtual selves can be different, but also how one can have an effect on the other.

No doubt this may rumble on for a little while and I am curious to see how people are affected by it. Pixeleen Mistral, the editrix of the Herald, once told me that the power of the Herald is not in its articles per se but in the discussions those articles generate. A successful article is one that creates debate and interaction. On that basis, I consider this article a success - even if I have to endure some abuse, or should I say, even if Sigmund Leominster has to take some abuse. After all, "I" am not just "Sigmund Leominster" but a real person, and somewhat different from dear Siggy!

Mar 2, 2011

MBC News: 3-2-11

UN and Gaddhafi; London School of Journalism leaving SL; Redzone in the Endzone?; Virtual Tahrir square opens in SL; Georgia Tech sets up SL sim for students with disabilities; Julian Assange to be extradited. Mal does his Tech Spot and Editorial Clarity covers the public announcements. Oh, and breast milk may be more dangerous that horse semen...

Oh, and stay until AFTER the credits to see the "easter egg" - what happens after the cameras stop rolling!