Jan 18, 2011

MBC News: 1-18-11

New Second Life CEO Rod Humble has his first day at work on the heels of Blue Mars announcing its refocus toward the mobile app market. NBC and Comcast given the go-ahead for a merger. Philip Rosedale cited as a "next tech-geek billionaire." Linden Lab blocks search in the old 1.0 viewer. And a cat is called for jury duty in Boston causing the team to smile...

MBC News 1-18-2011 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

Jan 12, 2011

MBC News: 1-12-11

Back with a new haircut and a new voice - about an octave lower due to the lingering cold ;)

The iPhone is heading for the Verizon network, tablets abound at CES 2011, WikiLeaks saga drips on with Twitter and Facebook in the fall-out, and more.

MBC News 1-12-2011 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

Jan 4, 2011

No News from a sick Siggy

Having a stinking cold with a hacking cough and a raging sore throat doesn't exactly make for a good news reading performance. Sure, my voice has dropped an octave and is gravelly enough to get a job doing movie voice overs ("In a world where machines have taken over...") but I'm tired and achy and a great believer in herbal remedies. For a cold, read "whiskey, hot water, and sugar."

So rather than being bedecked in my new Edo Tone suit with blue shirt and dimpled tie, bottomed out with a pair of black Oxfords from Cattivo e Cattiva, I'm stuck in real life in a real lie bed hugging a real life duvet and sniffling into a box of tissues, occasionally stumbling out to grab a hot lemon or to suck a Fisherman's Friend.

Tomorrow I will go to work doped up with whatever over-the-counter meds I can funnel down my throat, and maybe slip a hip flask into my bag so I can have a wee dram while the office door is closed.

Don't yah just hate having a cold?