Mar 9, 2009

"Deathwatch" Continues

I promise I'll stop. Real soon. It's just that Google Alerts keeps slopping out these stories of how Second Life is about to fall. Now it's the turn of Danielle Sacks who presents a flaccid analysis in Fast Company online. I suppose the title - Second Life Still Gets Great Press Even When It's Dying - is catchy enough, and she does avoid reference to Reuters, but it's essentially the same as all the others on this topic.

Interestingly, as i am writing this (7:20 pm EST) there are three comments, and all of them are critical of the article. Wizard Gynoid, an SL resident, bravely said "This kind of ignorant posturing is barely worth my time to respond to" and then spent a good paragraph responding ;)

OK, I think this will be my last Deathwatch posting.


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