Sep 28, 2009

A New Project

I've mentioned before that I have a virtual art collection in my house. As you might expect, I've been adding to it slowly. I am now starting work on my next venture; The Leominster Gallery(TM).

Dedicated primarily to 18th-19th century Symbolists, Romantics, and Pre-Raphaelites, the Leominster Gallery will be sited way up in the sky above my house. And technically, it has come about thanks to two pieces of "technology."

The first is the existence of a 6-prim skybox that costs L$9. At such a low prim count, I can stack these above my house and get lots of space for artwork.

Second, I found a 1-prim temp rezzer that lets me store over 50 paintings for nothing! I can therefore have a gallery of over 50 paintings PLUS the building for 7 measly prims ;)

And currently I have two such galleries with 25 painting in each. My aim is to have four galleries with a total of 200 paintings - for 28 prims. This probably means sacrificing some of my furniture but I still have 15 prims on my 1024 sq. meters of land so the sacrifice may be minimal.

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