Nov 28, 2009

Closing in on the gallery

OK, so progress is slow. Very slow. But the Leominster Galleries are floating on high and waiting to be populated. Galleries I through III will house my permanent collection - or at least as permanent as I can make it, and the yet-to-be-constructed Gallery IV will be for special collections that change every couple of months.

Most of the paintings are 19th century with an overflow into the early 20th and a drop back into the 18th or even 17th. With some work, I hope to complement the galleries with an online repository of information about all the paintings, along with larger images and, where possible, links to other art sites.

With the Christmas vacation almost here, I hope to have some time to complete the galleries and launch them publicly. I'm already thinking of the first Gallery IV offering so come January 2010, I may have an announcement.

Oh, and if anyone has an idea for a logo for "The Leominster Galleries," just let me know ;)

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