Dec 26, 2009

The Galleries Are Almost Ready

As I said on November 28th, I was looking forward to spending some time over Christmas working on the galleries. And I have. After pulling apart my old house and going back to the prim basics, I rebuilt the original galleries to give me four in total, plus a warehouse as my new house.

The top three buildings are Gallery I, Gallery II, and Gallery III. Beneath those is my house, sat on a single megaprim 333 meters in the sky. And beneath that is Gallery IV, the one I intend to use for special, temporary collections as opposed to the permanent collections of the other three galleries.

The galleries are linked by a teleport system, so visitors can chose which collection they want to see. The home point is Gallery I, and my house is not on the teleport list - hey, I need a little privacy!

Galleries I and II are now fully populated and Gallery III still has some room for additions. As to Gallery IV's first special collection, I'm not quite sure yet. I have an idea but I'll hold that thought until the 1st of the year.

Keep checking back for details.

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