Mar 1, 2010

It's cold here in Ohio

Some of you who "know" me also know that I live in Ohio. That's more by accident than design because when I left the UK and followed the old advice, "Go West, Young Man," I didn't go west enough. Ideally I would be somewhere in SoCal, between Orange County and San Diego, but instead I am buried in snow somewhere outside Cleveland. C'est la vie, as those continental chappies say.

You might think that lots of snow would keep me in the house with extra time to spend basking in the virtual sunshine (four times a day) of Second Life, but that hasn't happened. Instead, I've been trying out this thing called "Real Life" and spending time in other sims. Using a rather quaint form of TP called "an airplane," I've been able to explore some new areas such as "San Francisco" and "Houston," along with another sim called "Orlando," which even has theme parks! Whoa!

Fortunately I think I have three weeks without travel so I may be able to pull together some copy for SLentrepreneur Magazine, The Metaverse Tribune, and even The Alphaville Herald. Who knows? I certainly need the money as my tier fees are due and my PayPal account is low.

So those of you who occasionally stop by here to see if I am not dead should check back in a week to see if I have had some flashes of inspiration. I may even get back to sending out a few tweets.

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