Oct 20, 2011

MBC News: 9-22-11

I wasn't there for the first MBC News so it's probably no great tragedy that I missed the last one. Which is this one. On the upside, y'all got to see the lovely Lisa Hermano instead of me, so that can't be a bad thing! Although there was the option to replace me - again - by a bear.

Mustn't complain though because I was out in Austria playing with brain control interfaces, and although I didn't get to think my way around Second Life, I did learn an awful lot about the current state of BCI research.

MBC News September 22nd, 2011 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

So that's it for the News as it was. I wonder if we'll get a "That Was The News That Was" special at Christmas? You listening Dousa and Robustus???

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