Feb 17, 2009

A Blog to Read: Second Life Shrink

One of the reasons I suspect my blog is not wildly popular - other than it being generally crap - is that I don't indulge too much in the "you link me your blog and I'll link you mine" thing. Some blogs seem to have blog rolls that are longer than the contents of the blogs themselves. Apparently, if you make lots of these links between blogs, you can fool the search engines into thinking you are important and noteworthy, regardless of what you write.

My list, therefore, of folks to read is rather small. Miniscule. Tiny. So when I say that I am adding Second Life Shrink to my list of recommended reads it's because I think it's worth reading. The blogs are wide in scope and tend to be analytical from a psychological perspective - well duh, it's called Second Life Shrink!

But after reading on and off for some months, I thought it was time for me to add it as a link. The good news is that I haven't been paid, bribed, or offered sex to do this; it's simply that sharing good stuff is always a good idea.


Leigh Eel said...

I think you blog IS wildly popular.. in my household, at least, or rather, with just me.

lol who wants to beon Google's radar anyway?

Thanks for the good reads...

Anonymous said...

Hi Siggy,

Thanks for the link. You must be at least moderately influential, since our traffic definitely spiked after your post.

Best wishes,

Johnny & Olivia