Feb 3, 2009

Going To Be Making A Movie

I'm in severe danger of over-extending myself as a media mercenary. Not only have I added my role as newsman on Life On Line but I've just signed on with MediaMan Studios and Toll Entertainment as Lead Writer on a new project: making a movie!

In their YouTube promo, Let's Make A Movie, Tammy Toll and MediaMan Compton reveal their plan to create... well, something! So far there is no plot, no actors, and no cash; a good start to any venture, don't you think ;)

Here's the official press release:

"Sigmund Leominster famed SL Media Hound has joined MediaMan Studios as head of Story Development. He with Lanai Jarrico & Vianne Siamendes will develop story content for SL distribution and RL New Media pandering to the arts. MediaMan Studios is currently forming a cast of players for its first major release. Details on attachment. Additional Sigmund Leominster info at his profile

"MediaMan Compton was quoted at today's announcement, 'We are pleased that we have someone on board that can spell.'"

If all goes well, the movie will be an entry in a real life contest and, if things go really well, I may get some money. Whooo!!

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