Apr 16, 2009

Life On Line Episode 5 Now Available

Click on the video to the right of this post to see the April 15th edition of Life On Line.

"This week, we visit one of the newest virtual worlds to be created on the Open Grid. ‘Reaction Grid’ puts the emphasis on building rather than buying. One of the creators tells how she left her job as a nuclear weapons expert in the US military in favor of a career in virtual world building.

"Newsman Sigmund Leominster reports on Quest Online’s new virtual world, Alganon, described as “the first viable alternative to World of Warcraft - and Sony Entertainment’s PS3-based mystery centered on a character from their virtual world, Home.

"Our resident band the incredible SpaceJunky performs their hit Killer Coat.

"And the very very strange Some Grey Bloke blows the lid on what Facebook is really all about."

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