May 1, 2009

Life On Line Episode Six Now Available

Click on the video to the right on this page to watch the May 1st, 2009 edition of the popular internet show, Life On Line.

In this edition, Life On Line takes on a more serious tone with discussions about damaging gambling addiction and the risk of falling foul of cybercrime online. Lawyer Seamus Byrne, a leading authority on cybercrime, talks about what everyone can do to better protect themselves against financial or identity theft and other forms of cybercrime.

Resident online psychotherapist Roman Candle talks about the dangers of online gambling and what it does to people’s lives. He also provides some helpful tips to help people recognise the warning signs in those they love and getting them off the habit.

Newsman Sigmund Leominster reports on the latest games and virtual worlds in the metaverse. And musically, we are joined in the studio by satirist Eva Moon with her song Cash from Nigeria.

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