Feb 19, 2012

So what's going on, Siggy?

You'd think that live broadcasting would be easier that recording. With the latter, you have to do lots of cutting, pasting, cropping, fiddling with sounds, and so on. But it turns out that "live" has challenges of its own. So, MBC went for switching to a fortnightly format and then to a hiatus. By "hiatus" I mean "not happening unless folks decide to do otherwise.

Yours truly has been very busy in real life so it's not necessarily a bad thing personally to get some extra time. But it's good to keep a presence in Second Life so I've committed to doing some regular writing for the
Metaverse Tribune. Recka Wuyts and Bethany Slade have been wonderful in allowing me carte blanche on topics, so I can pick and choose what I want to write about. In truth, that's the point of being a "freelance writer" - the freedom to shift from topic to topic depending on the level of interest.

So on Christmas Eve, 2011, I made a case against Net Neutrality in my Op-Ed piece
Net Neutrality: Just Say No. This was in response to an earlier article by Skylar Smythe, who argued that the private sector was "censoring" content by seeking to make some people pay more for access than others.

In one of my sober moments over the Christmas period, I wrote an article that appeared on New Year's Day, 2012, entitled 2011: (Hardly) in Second Life. This was a discussion about why my presence in SL has dwindled over time, although not as a result of joining the "Second Life is dying" brigade.

Not long after that, I penned
Hacktivists: Freedom Fighters or Self-Centered Script Kiddies, with the latter interpretation being my favorite. I rather hoped to have some self-centered script kiddies take me task on this one but alas, I'm nowhere near as fun a target as the FBI or Google.

I spent a couple of weeks at the end of January on the road in real life, so it wasn't until February 6th, that I was able to write about the IPO for Facebook in Of Privacy and Profits: The Facebook Frenzy.

Meanwhile, the Wetaverse show isn't yet posted at the MBC TV site, so stay tuned to see what happens! I have an article submitted to the Trib and will alert folks when it appears.

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