Feb 15, 2012

The Wetaverse: A New MBC TV Show on Sexuality

It's in the can, as they say, but not yet posted. The first ever Wetaverse show was recorded last week in a mammoth session that ate into my drinking time. Well, maybe not that much, but a splendid time was had by all as the inaugeral show took place.

Frolic Mills talked about virtual penises, as did I and Foxxe Wilder, my bar-propping companion to the show. We also had veteran SLer Steve Cropper with a film about the Gorean sims, and talked with two Gorean role-players, Johana Haystack and Elysa Swansong.

There was some erotic poetry from Morgue McMillan and a film called "Love Everlasting" from director Nino Heartsdale and camera by Emanuelle Courtois.

The aim was to have this out on Valentine's Day - sentimental souls as we are at MBC - but the hearts and cupids came and went while the show stayed in the editing phase.

The nest show is scheduled for the Ides of March, conspirators willing.

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