Oct 14, 2008

Another Missed Deadline and an Idle Weekend

My Second Life has been pretty non-existent of late, specifically in relation to actual presence in the virtual world. I intended to complete an article for FreeLife magazine as Saturday was the deadline, but I failed.

So last weekend, I logged in to collect messages and check dates, and flatten out my land. I also spent some time chatting with my neighbor, Lillianna Bailey, who is wanting to sell a plot of land adjacent to mine. I could up my square footage from 1024m to 2048, thus doubling my prim count! On the downside, I would move from the $5 monthly tier fee to the $15, which I think I can afford but am not sure I can justify - yet.

My dear sweet Mony logged in for a short time - both of us had real life things to do - but it made the day all the better for seeing her. We chatted for maybe 10-15 minutes, and then poofed out. That Saturday night, I had a real life party to go to so no SL for me.

I'm now in a hotel in Minneapolis for a business trip and so won't be home until the weekend. Which means I may try to get on late tonight using my laptop, but that's typically a bad idea because it can't cope with SL. I don't know why but I suspect the fact that I have a ThinkPad with the Intel (i.e. unsupported) 950 graphics chip has a lot to do with it. Maybe I'll just drink myself to sleep.

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