Oct 9, 2008

Take a Break from SL® and Listen to Fretkllr

While surfing the net for information for an upcoming article, I stumbled - yes, it was serendipitous - upon the YouTube® home of Fretkillr, a singer/guitarist who has posted some of the freshest, unadulterated music you're going to find.

As in the picture on the right, all you see is his guitar and hands, and all you hear is his voice. If there were justice in the music world, he'd have more of a presence than a bunch of YouTube postings. The guy is just wonderful. His voice is not perfect but man oh man can he make you listen! it just sounds... right.

Treat your ears to something deliciously tasty and hop on over to Fretkillr's YouTube channel. Make sure you listen to the stunningly well-crafted Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a cover that is just magnificent in its simplicity and well-crafted in its execution. Yum yum!


merry Felwitch said...

Oh Yes Ty bro ....as always you hear what I see

Siggy said...

Glad you liked it Sis! Think of it as a musical hug ;)