Oct 27, 2008

Happy Rezday to Me

It's not my first Rezday until 1st November but I'm writing about it now just in case I forget. There's going to be no big party; no fanfare; no fireworks. On reflection, it's almost tragic that after a year of Second Life I don't appear to have a circle of friend with whom to celebrate! Sure I have people on my "Friends List" but unlike the regular notion of "friends," I don't believe any of them either know nor care about my Rezday.

Of course, the question is; do I know and care about other people's Rezdays? The only ones I would make an effort to say "Happy Rezday" to would be Mony and Merry and Willa. And even then, I think I've missed Willa's already.

So I shall have a quite Rezday, letting it slip past anonymously. Maybe this is not a bad thing. After a year of making no real friends, perhaps that can be an advantage for a journalist. Perhaps I can leverage the "splendid isolation" to become much more aggressive. Perhaps I don't need friends but do need to decide whether I want to be liked or appreciated. So what if I write a few stories that cause a fuss - what does that matter? What if I do go on the offensive and start openly criticising the SL Press as being, in the main, nothing but pretend journalism focused on trivia and advertising? How many friends will I lose? None!

Of course, I could find that no-one ever hires me to write a story ever again, but then I could just go ahead and do what other folks do - start my own paper: The Leominster Times. Provided I don't get kicked out of the Associated SL Press group, I could gather together a small (probably very small) group of disaffected writers who want to do something different.

Or maybe the Herald and SLentrepreneur will keep the faith and let me continue to write. I don't intend to become a miserable, nasty hack just for the sake of being that way; I just want to be able to be more critical. I know I offended Angelico Babii when I used the word "moribund" to describe the "My Metaverse" social network site two months ago but that wasn't intentional, simply an observation. And the last blog posting there no turns out to be by me on 9th October, preceded by Isadora Fiddlesticks announcing the launch of Avenue Magazine, another "ads and amigos" magazine. Incidentally - or not - Fiddlesticks previously edited HodgePodge magazine, a "lifestyle" magazine that folded after just under a year; possible because it drowned under the weight of Isadora's over-use of exclamation points! I swear, in one paragraph containing three sentences she used three exclamations. Hey, try a period or even a comma and give the !! a rest.

So if I actually get in-world on 1st November - and it's a Saturday so during the afternoon I have time - I'll go search for a sad-looking cake, a lonely bottle of cognac, set it on my empty table, and sing a flat "Happy Rezday to Me" before logging off and drinking myself stupid.

Bah, humbug!


Anonymous said...

Your last post certainly needs a no-show answer. But hell I am feeling caring today.

I will not pay attention to your "no real friends" remark. And be very happy because I still havent missed your rez day. I did miss Willa's do... I tought you were the eldest after MTD.

Well .... huggggs!

Siggy said...

OK, so maybe a bit of artistic license here. I guess I do have some real friends - and one very special one ;)

Anonymous said...

Apparently you did forget. We had to cancel the fireworks and all the stuff.

Siggy said...

Ah, I was there but late ;) And I must have missed you by minutes!! Grrr....

But Sunday night ;) Thank you!

Seikatsu Koba said...

First of, happy belated Rezday. I didn't know about it, but then if I would have known, I would have probably forgotten anyway. I forget things easily these days.

Secondly, why do you say you have no friends? I consider you my friend, we don't talk much, but I have a lot of respect for you, and really get happy when I see that you are online, even if I don't say HI; it's just nice to see that you are around. I have enjoyed our little conversations here and there. In fact, I considered you such a friend that I was going to give you access to my blog Seikatsu Koba Unabridge, but now I'll think about it... seriously.

Last but not least, I do like your writing and your comments. I think you don't BS people around, and you are polite when you want to be. Don't stop being the journalist that you are because when you do, your blog will be like mine: one more blog in the pile; and the I'll probably won't follow it.

P.S.: sorry about my punctuation and grammatical errors :(