Nov 21, 2008

Adding to the Media Portfolio: Reporting for MBC

Well, after a few weeks of "will I won't I" in regard to doing some work with the Metaverse Broadcasting Company, I finally completed my first field report this evening. With MBC anchorman, Recka Wuyts as the camera operator, I visited the Robodock Festival at the Resonance sim to report on the two-week event.

I also met with artist, Bryn Oh, who made a rather spectacular clock, filled with tiny details and insects! She also has a hidden store that is hard to find - allegedly. She has had 10 customers. I love the idea of "The Quest for the Secret Store" as a concept, bu it really sucks as a marketing tool ;)

Bryn also runs a quiz: You answer three questions and you get a free sculpture. Get one wrong and you are orbited. Needless to say I couldn't resist the challenge; and needless to say I failed on the first one. All I can say is that being orbited isn't the end of the world.

The other interesting component of the TV piece is that I got to talk to Robustus Hax via Skype as he recorded my script. And blow me down if I didn't do it in one take! Actually, I have done that in real life with recorded interviews so it isn't too tricky.

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