Nov 20, 2008

Playing the Blogging Game

Now I've signed up to become part of the Second Life Bloggers group in another attempt to marketing the SL(C) on SL(TM) brand. I feel a little conflicted because I tend to feel that there are more crap blogs out there than good ones. Sure, some folks may want to lump this blog in with the steaming pile of shit that clogs up the Internet, but that still doesn't make the others smell any sweeter.

Another chunk of blogging dross comes from those that turn out to be nothing more than advertising for products and services in Second Life. Fashion blogs can so easily become that way inclined, with some blogs being wholly owned and scripted by the designers themselves.

Then there are the "experimental" blogs - which are basically written by folks who cannot write but feel that if they label what they do as "avant garde," "daring" or "provocative" then they can't be judged. Oh yes they can! There is no excuse for bad writing, especially when masquerading as "poetry/" Those of you who have never read my damning article on verse should click this link to the Second Life Herald. Those of you who claim to write poetry might want to do the same before you start the flame war.

Feel free to add a comment to this post. It ups my ranking.


Seikatsu Koba said...

I looked for you in SL Blogger, but couldn't find you. I was going to invite you, but I know you are a bit elitist about blogs and writing. Anyway, I'm glad you signed up.

Now, I wonder what kind of blogger I am, I don't think such a bad writer, but then, I'm not a writer at all. My blog is just a collecting of things!

Siggy said...

Thanks for commenting Seik! I hadn't considered myself "elitist" but maybe I am - in a fashion. I guess I'd prefer to think of myself as "critical," in the same way that a music or film critic is critical. I'll blog about it! Blogging about Blogging - the Metablog.

Seikatsu Koba said...

and you had to write a whole post about it! *shakes her head*