Nov 9, 2008

Vote for Sig - Again

Prior to the US election's completion, I began campaigning for my own stab at the Presidency. I know, avatar don't have a vote but that's just a minor detail. Not too long ago, women didn't have a vote but it didn't stop them campaigning. For those who didn't see the effects of my campaign, click the link below:


Sadly, the country is not yet ready to elect an avatar as President, yet another example of why prejudice has not yet been stamped out. Why, until we see a black, female, disabled, gay avatar in the White House, how can we say Democracy has triumphed?

But I refuse to let this little setback affect me. In a recent post on Second Thoughts, Prokofy Neva revealed the creation a new parliament. Although you need to own land in order to be a part of this parliament, I have enough, so his is just the place for me to launch the next phase of my political career.

So here's what I wrote to Prokofy about my candidacy:

"Cool! My meager but adequate 512m2 buys me in then. In line with most progressive parliamentary systems, I'd like to lobby for any post that is "without-portfolio." This, in effect, means I get to enjoy the fruits of abuse - sorry, "parliamentary privilege" - yet don't actually have to do any work. I'll be happy to turn up at any junket or bean-feast with my current mistress-du-jour in tow ("Oh, Siggy, I love that you're so powerful and important!") and make bold, sweeping pontifications with maximum sound-bites and minimum substance.

Of course, I think all parliamentary posts should come with an official residence. I'm thinking of a multi-roomed residence on a whole sim with enough prims to befit the status of "parliamentarian" and well- tended gardens groomed to perfection by noobs looking to make $5L per hour in a real job, not wasting time camping.

So, I humbly submit myself - selflessly - to serve as a simple representative of this great world of hours. I promise - nay pledge - to uphold the Truth, stand for Decency, and work to ensure that ALL the residents of Second Life can live in Liberty, Egality, and Fraternity - or whatever they chose to name their sim.

Er, any Post 6 Grrlz looking for secretarial work?"

So vote now, vote early, vote SIG!

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