Apr 12, 2008

Dance by a Volcano

It's the last full day here in Auckland and my colleagues decided to take me for a trip to the little seaside town of St. Hellier. Any excuse to be by water works for me, even if it is slightly overcast. En route, I get chance to take a snap of Rangitoto, an extinct (so far) volcano just across the bay. Then we pull over and it's off for a quick paddle in the sea.

After the obligatory cappuccino at Baker's Delight cafe, we make for the War Museum to see the largest collection of Maori artifacts in the Southern hemisphere. The Maori War Canoe is a favorite with the crowds, with is marvellous prow carving of a guy sticking his tongue out the world. The exhibition also includes a complete house, numerous carvings, and more stuff than can be really appreciated in an afternoon.

Nothing special for dinner - a steak at an Italian restaurant, served by a very nice Kiwi who had spent two years of her life in Nashville. Small world, eh?

And with a late return to the hotel, there was just time to pack before hitting the sack. Loooong trip ahead, leaving on Sunday and arriving back in the US on... Sunday - apparently three hours after I was to leave! Such is the thing with time traveling.

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