Apr 1, 2008

Mexicana At Montezuma's

I'm no historian but I'm pretty sure the closest that Montezuma got to Adelaide was his backyard toilet. Nevertheless, the restaurant Montezuma's tries hard to recreate an authentic Aztec eating establishment - or not. The color scheme of the place resembles and explosion in an M&Ms factory where the notion of "too colorful" doesn't exist. Still, it's a fun place and was very busy to say I was there on a Monday. The Chili Verde with Spanish Rice was spicy enough, with wonderfully tender meat, but the rice was rather overcooked; unless they prefer their rice dry and crispy at the edges in Mexico. I think maybe not.

The owners clearly have a sense of humor though. The toilets are not marked "Men" and "Womens" or even "Hombres" and "Chicas" but "God" and "Goddess." Irreverent but appealing, especially to self-absorbed egotistical avatars like myself.

Oh, and for those familial with the phrase "Montezuma's Revenge" as a description of bowel functioning the day after consuming spicy Mexican food, I didn't need to go through any "God" doors today. And clue number two - the name of the restaurant - means you could hack into the databases of the credit card companies and search for a receipt that includes the purchase of a Chili Verde. Go to it , Sherlock!

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