Apr 30, 2008

New Shoes, New Suit, Gotta Love That!

My étoile du nord, Mony, had a birthday this weekend and celebrated by buying me a present from the folks at [hoorenbeek]. They make great clothes, which are a little on the expensive side, and Mony opted for getting me the whole package - shoes, pants, ties, jackets; the whole kit and kaboodle.

The Ansor suit is packed with pieces; jackets in open and closed versions, white and blue shirts, underwear, burgundy and orange ties, and pants to match both open and closed jackets. Lots to mix and match. Oh, and you also get a cell phone and a laptop thrown in to complete the image. And with all these elements, the $860 price is a bargain. Even if you're buying it for yourself!

The blacks shoes are simple but effective. When I tried the outfit on, Mony suggested that a pair with laces would be better, so I slipped into my Cattiva e Cattivo Obsidian Oxfords. Love those shoes - and now hard to get hold of since their creator, Lissa Maertens, paired up with Simone Stern. You can get them via OnRez at an affordable $75. I also modified them slightly to get a better black coloring.

The ensemble looks great. Very slick, very corporate. Now I can't wait to take a trip to some fancy club where folks call you "Mr. Leominster" and informal clothing is not allowed. Sometimes there IS a place for swank.

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