Apr 7, 2008

One Wedding, No Funeral, and a Whale

It was Sunday here in New Mordor and my day of rest. After spending time exploring Christchurch and walking along the banks of the river, I felt it was time for a reprieve from Real Life and my hotel offered a limited broadband connection. Paying the usurious price for Internet access - as is typical for hotels that already charge a small fortune for a room - I slid into Second Life.
Funny to think I felt "at home" as I rezzed into my apartment. I was wearing the same clothes as I had been over a week ago and had the desire to change. Mony snagged me. There was a wedding and we were late! Being an absentee from SL for years (or at least it seemed lke that) I didn't even know there was supposed to be a wedding. But no matter, all I needed to do was change into a suit and TP over.

Ah, if only t'were that simple! Either SL was behaving badly or my hotel connection was having a hard time. I suspect the latter. After taking off my shirt to make way for a nice clean version with tie, I couldn't attach it. Nor could I change my pants or slip on a jacket. After five minutes of standing topless, I put my old shirt back on, which worked OK. So I had to go to a wedding in casuals. Admittedly the shirt was from Simone!, the designer jeans from Lissa Maertens' Cattiva e Cattivo, and hair by Armidi, but would the guests at the wedding spot that? Hmm.

We arrived just in time to wave the happy couple goodbye. Two of Mony's friends, Commando Kidd and Skyra Woodget, had renewed their vows and we'd at least been able to say "hi" and "bye." We then hung around for a while to enjoy the post-nuptial dancing until we slipped away for some SL exploring.

My hotel connection was time capped. After precisely two hours of fun, the virtual doors closed and I left Mony on the Linden Balloon Platform along with a flock of newbies. Damn.

Back in RL, my buddies had arrived back and we headed out to a place called Vic and Whale, which, according to our waitress, was either named after a London pub or referred to the original owners, one of whom was called Vic and the other had the nickname Whale. Both sound plausible so take you choice of which you prefer, The meat of choice was a lamb shank in a mushroom and peppercorn sauce, served with mashed potato and truffle oil, and a crisp salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Yummy yum yum. After all, this was lamb and this is New Zealand.

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