May 13, 2008

1 Dreamer of Dreams

Sometimes we have to remember that an adult is simply a child who has learned some grown-up behaviors. Being accused of being "childish" is often a complement. Fairy tales, myths, urban legends, nursery rhymes - the power of these comes from the way in which they appeal to our Inner Child, that Id-driven creature as yet unencumbered by the the straitjacket of civilization.

Movies can also appeal to our simpler instincts. The Critic can often spend too much time dissecting a film rather than willing suspend disbelief to become immersed in an alternative reality. The same can be true of Music, that magical weaving of Sounds into a spell that can enchant us all.

This homage to one of my favorite films, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, helps me to remember never to grow up.

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