May 11, 2008

Sunday Afternoon and a Belated Posting

The pressure to produce a blog posting on a daily posting can be moderately stressful; particularly so for those of us who might be described as "driven." I was beginning to feel guilty that it has been almost a week since my last post, and even if no-one is reading (a truth the egotistical blogger can find impossible to contemplate) I have a deep urge to produce something.

I forget that I also have a real life to live, with my job sucking up around 50 hours per week, my SL writing taking up maybe another 5 - 10 hours, and actually doing some SL living grabs another chunk. To then find time to write about what I've been doing is challenging.

So here I am on Sunday afternoon writing up an interview with a guy by the name of Zaplock Riggles, the creator/designer of the Tip Master system for clubs. Like many Second Lifers, Zaplock spends his week working in the Real World, only to "relax" by working in the Second! The boundary between SL and RL has become so thin that I have added a new Task designation to my PDA - Second Life. Now I get reminded when a SL deadline is due so the deadline for next edition of FreeLife magazine is 14th May, in-world conference on Languages in Second Life on May 23rd, a virtual job fair on May 29th, and there's a list of other interviews that need to be completed.

It seems to me that in reality - and there's another slippery word for yah - posting once a week would be a success in itself. Maybe I am too hard on myself.

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