May 24, 2008

SLanguages 2008 Conference

"The SLanguages 2008 Conference brings together practitioners and researchers in the field of language education in Second Life for a 24-hour event to celebrate languages and cultures within the 3D virtual world."

And it did. At the closing Q&A session, major domo for the event, Gavin Dudeney - a.k.a. SL Dudeney Ge - revealed that over the 24-hour period, 347 different avatars had visited, that the open plenary session hosted 83 people, and that there were 28 sessions completed in total. Not bad for only the second conference! Despite the appearance just prior to the conference of Release Candidate Viewer 1.2 RC8, the event as a whole appeared to be relatively glitch free. From my own observations, the majority of problems came from human error - the new Second Lifers who had yet to work out how to use TP, Notecards, Voice, and stylish clothing. I added the later gratuitously because I spend so much time with designers and SL Glitterati that seeing so many newbies in need of a fashion makeover was a minor shock to the system.

Dudeney Ge shows conference attendence figuresFor a more comprehensive overview of the conference, check out my report at SLentrepreneur. Alternatively, you could take a look at the report from my new colleague, Yelena Etzel, who writes for The Looking Glass magazine. Apart from Yelena, I didn't bump into any other members of the SL Fourth Estate, but you might want to check out both of our reports to see who does the better. ;)

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