May 16, 2008

4 Foolish Kisses

For those who like their movies in a lighter vein, this sex comedy tells of the struggles of four friends living in San Francisco trying to hold together relationships that are foundering on the rocks of sexuality. The film follows each character as he or she tries to find the perfect partner - or partners!


Claire felt guilty about the dream she'd had about Miriam. But then again, Claire was a master of Guilt having been raised as a Catholic and having had to endure that most special of religious punishments - the All-Girls Catholic School. The Jesuits used to say "Give me the child until he's 7 and I will give you the man." In Claire's case, it was more of "Give me the child until she's 7 and I will give you enough neurotic guilt to enable Sigmund Freud to write a three-volume case study.

There was also a certain irony in that the object of her guilt was Miriam, whose Jewish upbringing made her just as much a slave to guilt as Claire. A good test of what would happen if the Immovable Object came against the Irresistible Force would be to put a group of Catholics in a room with a group of Jews and have them try to decide who was the more guilty. Throw in the notion of sexuality and both of them could be arguing well after the Second Coming has been, gone, sold the T-shirts and restarted the Universe in the next Big Bang.

The exact reason for the guilt was unclear. After all, thought Claire, it's only a dream and I can't control my dreams. But that argument didn't wash. A Dream is just a Wish, and a Wish is a Desire, and a Desire is wrong if it leads to any sort of pleasure. And what Claire had been doing with Miriam in her fantasy would have been erotic enough to result in the film censors setting fire to the celluloid. If only she'd not included the baby oil, whipped cream and six feet of rope.

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