Jun 13, 2008

The Balloon is Back!

It may seem odd that someone would get excited about the return of an object in Second Life but count me as odd. After months of non-existence, the balloon at the "Balloon Tour" in Ambleside has made a reappearance. Sure it is little different in design but we no longer have the absurdity of a balloonless balloon tour!

I tried to work out why I felt so happy about its return and I guess it is because it represents some element of stability in an ever-changing virtual world. After six months of Second Life I realize that a good number of friends on my "Friend's List" no longer visit SL, and the number of close friends has reduced. A quick glance at the "Landmarks" folder also reads like a history book of lost places: Club Hades, The Rock, Speakeasy - all the clubs of my youth and all gone. And even The Merry Inn has become Merry Inn 2 with a shift from the medieval tavern to a goth hang out. Things change.

And change is endemic on Second Life. Get used to it. All we can do it hold on to some symbols of permanence. Like the balloon. Like our friends. Like Mony.

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