Jun 18, 2008

A Night with a Supermodel

I think I may have mentioned that my girlfriend is a supermodel. It's true. She is Miss Latin Dreams 2008 and has the tiara and sash to prove it. And being a supermodel, it's important that she look glamorous as often as possible. This also means I have to make an effort not to dress like a total slob because what supermodel wants to hang out with a guy who looks like a hobo. So on Monday night, we met up with ace photographer, Seikatsu Koba, who took Mony on a photoshoot. I, of course, simply stood around and watched.

At one stage, we were at Seik's studios and Mony slipped into one of her more devastatingly distracting items: the red Ritz dress from Simone. my oh my, what a distraction! Take a look at the picture below - make sure you click for full screen.

I know that in SL we are just bundles of pixels but this pic has to rank as one of the most delightful bundles of pixels in the Metaverse. I think this one goes down in my scrap book as one of my new favorites. Now all I have to do is keep fighting the guys away. Sigh. It's tough being a supermodel's companion.


Seikatsu Koba said...

Wow! this is a very nice picture, if I'm not careful with you Mony is going to put me out of the job and hire you.

Thank you for the link to my Flickr stream.

Mony said...

Thanks Siggs, It is all made possibile by you, did you know that?

Spending a night working with Seikatsu Koba not only its a great opportunity because she is blessed with talent, just take a look at her work in her Flickr stream and you will see art that seems impossible in SL, but beyond that Seik is also fun and kind. It is pure fresh air teaming up with you Seik!

And you Siggs you bettter know it :) I am madly over the railings over you.