Jun 25, 2008

The Man Statue: Natoma

After hearing from two different sources about the existence of something called The Man Statue, Mony and I decided to go find it.

"It all started back in the Alpha stage of Second Life (then Linden World) when Linden Lab wanted to test a new rendering engine, how feasible a city scape would be, and other general content testing. This city was built in Natoma before any non-employee users had logged into SL and was not named but often referred to as "Linden Town" or "Linden City". The town/city contained many buildings (mostly unfurnished and low texture usage), a small park-like town square with a fountain, and roads all through it. The city also had a statue in its town square behind a "City Hall". The statue turned out of course to be "The Man" built by a content developer (oldjohn Linden) hired at the time by LL (in 2002)." (Second Life WiKia)

Go to the Natoma region to find the statue, and you'll also find the Ivory Tower of Prims.

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