Jun 7, 2008

The New House Is Up

After receiving my latest paycheck for an article in SLentrepreneur, I decided to wait no longer and buy my new house. The trickiest part was doing the math to find the center of my platform. For some peculiar reason, I kept adding 16 to 96 and getting 102. Despite adding it a few times, the same wrong answer kept coming up. Go figure! The good news is that although I did the calculation a few times and repeatedly got the wrong answer, an inner thought kept telling me something was wrong. And eventually I worked it out. 112, not 102.

Once my short-term dyscalculia had been cured, I dropped the rezzer at the middle of the platform, flew up in the sky, clicked the rez button, and watched the house build itself. Pretty cool.

Although the house takes up the space that was previously a large deck, their is now lots of patio space around it that takes its place. There's space for a small garden, a hot tub, chairs and tables, and even a rear patio for those quiet times.

The trick now is to find those low-prim furniture items that I can add to create the perfect habitat for the wild SL journalist and his supermodel girlfriend.

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