Jun 22, 2008

The New New House is Up

Only a couple of weeks ago I talked about the new house. Well, since then it has become the new new house! Wearing her "Builder" hat, Mony has done some creative changes to the place and worked furiously to make it more customized. She's opened up the ground floor so we can add a kitchen and extended the bedroom to give even more space.

And not only have we changed the house but physically moved it. My friend Lillianna Bailey is extended her land space and I am/was her neighbor. So aided by London Sim Director Timber Oceanlane, this Saturday afternoon Timber dragged the entire house some 400 meters to my new plot. Lillianna is still my neighbor but she has more space now. And hey, I just want by skypad up in clouds and have no real concern about the land it is sitting on.

As you can see above, the front of the house is similar, but there is a bedroom extension. Take a peek at the top right room where you see the bed; that's a new room. But the side of the house is more dramatic, where Mony has added angled glass walls in an almost pyramidal style.

We still have work to do. Decor, furniture, art, and a party. But we have time ;)

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