Jun 24, 2008

Dinner and a Movie - or SLTV

The house is nearly done. Mony has worked ceaselessly to create a low-prim kitchen and is succeeding. And along with the kitchen is a new breakfast bar with a couple of chairs - also designed by Mony and also single-prim object.

So when I arrived, Mony - so precious - had made dinner! Here we are in a bundle of colored dots 300 meters above a pixelated grid in a house made of primitive objects at a table with lobster, pizza, iced tea, and cake. The wine is in the fridge!

After our first dinner in the house, we sat and watched TV - we were trying to catch a re-run of the Paisley Beebe show that include a shot of a ruthed-out me hovering across the audience. It was, unfortunately, an older show, where Paisley was interviewing a frog and a fox. I could be wrong, it might have been a toad and a cat.

Whichever way you look at it, the whole experience was simultaneously bizarre and mundane. Both outrageous and normal.

Wonder what's for dinner tomorrow?

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