Dec 10, 2008

Hottest Male Avatar 2008 Contest Flawed: I'm Not There!

Hamlet Au's New World Notes is host to the Hottest Male Avatar 2008 contest, overseen by Iris Ophelia, some other Second Life person who has clearly never met me. The list is notable in that it misses out an obvious candidate, one who is intelligent, witty, devastatingly SL-handsome, and outstandingly humble. In fact, modesty is probably one of my most redeeming characteristics.

Like anyone else in SL, my striking looks are based on my having flawless skin (I bought it), a well-proportioned body (my friend designed it), and a great wardrobe (I bought that too). In fact, by not dieting, not working out, not avoiding to much alcohol, and not exposing my genitalia in public, I think I've managed to do OK so far.

I could, of course, pretend to be like everyone else who is not on the list and take some mythical moral high ground and say that none of this matters, and that being "hot" in Second Life is simply a matter of buying the right pixels. But I won't. I'll pout and stamp my well-proportioned avatarian feet and whine that I was never given the chance because I don't know anyone who was involved in the selection process.

But I refuse to be downhearted because I know my ego is easily large enough to get past the rejection, especially since I know that I am pretty wonderful (and modest). I shall simply go on the hunt for a new skin, have my body once again meddled with to attain the desired proportions, and spend more money on enhancing my already ridiculously large (for a guy) wardrobe.

I'll also shamelessly use my upcoming new media venture to promote myself mercilessly. After all, the only brand I have to offer is Sigmund Leominster, and like all brands, I won't stop until it becomes a household name.


Seikatsu Koba said...

Oh Lord your feelings are hurting! I could have nominated you, I was around when they were asking for nominations in Plurk, but it didn't occur to me that you would be so interested.

To be honest, you are good looking and dress very nicely too; you are intelligent (it seems), one can actually hold an educated conversation with you. I agree, your body is well proportioned ( but I would have to see you naked to know for sure); and you got a lot of hits on that picture I took of you - women were always asking "who is he?"

Now, why didn't I nominate you or any other male avatar I know? I will have to shamelessly say that I believe that contest is stupid, the nominations a biased, the voting is biased; and worst of all the Hottest Male Avatar is being decided by a handful of women whom actually know the man. I considered the whole thing a waste of time and this is when I tell myself, SL is a game so get over it and move on.

If I’m around in SL next year, I will nominate you *smiles*

Siggy said...

Lol! Have I no shame? Trawling for pity and support because of an allegedly bruised ego? Perhaps I should just offer myself as the next Herald Post 6 Guy, complete with soft focus and even softer "additional prims."

SL is a game? Really? Damn, I wish someone had told me that earlier! Maybe I should just cash in the hundreds of real dollars I have made by writing and bail out while I still have chance. If I stay much longer I might begin to take myself too seriously, get married, have primmy children, and drink myself into oblivion after a messy and costly SL divorce following a string of pointless affairs with over-endowed bimbos whose sex drive is inversely proportional to their intellect.

Maybe after I have spent some time doing the news on MBC TV and had my visage seen across Second Life that I can think again about becoming the 2009 Hottest Male - based purely, of course, on my sparkling wit, warm personality, instinctive intelligence, genuinely caring persona, and almost flawless sense of style.

Oh, and humility. :)

Seikatsu Koba said...

Panic attack! ok, sincerely I don’t consider SL a game. I do say every so often to myself whenever I see things that kinda sorta annoy because if I take it too seriously I’m going to have to hear ‘gez relax! it’s a joke, this is just SL’ so I tell it to myself before anyone else says it me… that would annoy me too.

Seikatsu Koba said...

btw you would make a good Post 6 Guy ... I'll leave you nice-womanly comments *winks*

Moggs Oceanlane said...

*grins* love it.

Siggy said...

Hey Moggs, I was about to make some trite remark about your adding to the comments on Christmas Day to the effect that why would anyone be reading SL blogs on the 25th December. Then I realized that I AM WRITING on the 25th too, which says more about ME than anyone else!

Of course, I should also admit that over the course of the day I have consumed several beers, made - and demolished - Brady Alexander cocktails, and am currently catching up on mail, posts, and all that good stuff whilst simultaneously knocking back a double cognac.

Somehow, I feel like I'm in a Bret Easton Ellis novel and my real self is becoming more and more like my avatar - a hard-bitten hack who spends his time in bars and writes better when he's drunk.

Is there any chance of the Most Consistently Pissed Avatar of the Year Award making the rounds in 2009? If so, can I nominate myself, and my pals, Johnny Walker, Jim Beam, Remy Martin, and Sam Adams?