Dec 26, 2008

What's Happening at the Second Life News Network (SLNN)?

Amongst the Second Life press organs I haven't written for is the Second Life News Network (SLNN). I have spoken in the past with its editor, Garret Bakalava, but have yet to turn over any story. It looks like I could get between $800 and $1200 for an article, which is lower than get for other publications but certainly better than those who "can't pay" or pay under $800.

I went to the website a couple of days back and noticed that the latest "latest news" item was from October 26th. There is an article on My Second Closet, a blog by Felicity Blumenthal, but this is dated November 16th.

I clicked around at a few more links and was unable to find anything newer than the November article. So what's going on?

The SLNN Twitter feed looks to be tweets from a blog by Sean Percival, who nowhere mentions the SLNN - except that it appears in the SLNN Twitter page as the website.

I've dropped an e-mail to Garret. Let's see what happens...

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