Dec 16, 2008

Paradise Lost - And Found

I mentioned before that there are times I like to have some peace and quiet while in Second Life. This typically means propping up a bar of some kind. And if it's not a jazz bar or a biker bar, it's a coffee bar. And for almost as long as I've been here, my java joint of choice has been the Cup of Goodness.

When I first discovered it, it was in an office area, close to a real estate place. In fact, that was how I found it - I was looking for my first house. I didn't buy one there but I did stop at the Cup of Goodness and decided it was going to be "my place."

I took Mony there. I never took anyone else because I wanted to keep it "mine." She took a picture; one of my favorites.

Shortly after this picture was taken, the Cup moved. It went to a new sim where it now sat amongst a number of small stores that sold furniture and clothing. This was a much better location, much more rural and cosy. I liked it there.

The owner is Elisabeth Beurling, who told me she loved the store but never saw it as a way of making money. She makes accessories and clothing but not a lot of cash. Yet that didn't stop her keeping the Cup up and running.

So two days ago, I felt the need to stop off for some quiet time. You don't need to know why, just that I did. I scrolled down through my landmarks and TPed across. I found myself in a barren landscape of hills and sea. No Cup of Goodness. For a moment, just for a moment, O had that feeling that yet another part of my Second Life had vanished. Once again, something I thought permanent turned out to be temporary. The world crumbled just a little more.

Once the brief flush of disappointment had subsided, I sent an IM to Elisabeth. What, I asked has happened to the Cup of Goodness?

"I've moved it to the Dublin Sim. As soon as I have it ready, I'll send you a landmark."

Today, the LM arrived. The Cup is back, exactly as it was. Sure, it's now on a gray street in a virtual city, not in a garden surrounded by trees and flowers. But it's there. Still.

Cup of Goodness: secondlife://Dublin%203/31/165/25/

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