Dec 4, 2008

Linden Lab Appoints Ex-Pixar Exec

As part of its strategy to beef up its executive team, Linden Lab has appointed Howard Look as Senior Vice President of Customer Applications. Look's recent CV includes his previous job as VP of software at Pixar, preceded by a stint as VP for Applications and User Experience at TiVo Inc. He was also the director of Applied Engineering at Silicon Graphics.

In the official Second Life blog on December 2nd, 2008, the company say that, "He’ll be responsible for leading the engineering team responsible for the customer-facing part of the Second Life experience. Throughout 2009, Howard will be working with T Linden (Tom Hale, Chief Product Officer) and our product, design teams and engineering teams to reshape the Second Life viewer into a simple and intuitive interface."

This represents yet another significant hire since May 2008 when Mark Kingdon became CEO, along with Frank Ambrose as Senior Vice President of Global Technology in August, and Tom Hale in November. Despite the doomsayers continuing to predict the closure of Linden Lab, these recent changes are more indicative of a company focusing on keeping the doors open.

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