Mar 18, 2008

Fashionista News: Lissa Maertens Joins Simone Stern

Lissa Maertens is a fashion designer who owns Cattiva e Cattivo, a wonderland of both male and female clothing. I am a shameless fan of her stuff and own a number of her pieces. Simone Stern is another design icon who owns the Simone! store and Style Starts Here, where you'll find her casual wear. Again, I admit to being a buyer of her men's gear.

And now hot off the virtual presses comes the news that Lissa is going to be working as a designer for Simone, which will give her the opportunity to focus more on her passion, design, than on the business of running a store. She will be moving her products to Simone's stores, which for me alone will save a TP. Lovers of Lissa and Simone's creations will now be able to make a one-stop shopping trip to stock up on some of the nicest stuff out there.

Lissa and Simone's offerings are also priced very competitively. I bought two shirts and two vests from Lissa and spent only L$200; and a couple of shirts from Simone's Style Starts Here were similarly priced.

This is not so much the loss of Cattiva e Cattivo as the promise of a lot more new clothes from Lissa and Simone. And as far as I'm concerned, the more menswear they offer the better. Vanity, definitely my favorite sin!

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