Mar 7, 2008

Still in Pre-launch

As you read this posting and think, "Dude, this is crap, where's the beef?" you
need to know that this is still in a pre-launch state. I'm still trying frantically to complete a stack of potential articles for a variety of media outlets, while concommitantly snagging hold of the tools to let me create the podcast. Being merely mortal and fully employed in the real world, the amount of time I have left to devote to Second Life is a tad less than the attention span of a goldfish on crack.

However, I did manage to get to a fashion show last night, thanks to Lissa Maertens, designer and owner of Cattiva e Cattivo fashions. A number of designers were showcasing their latest offerings helped and assisted by the biker dudes and dudettes of
Slaytona Track and The Shark Shack, located at Saints of Hell (64, 217, 23).

The event was live so suffered from having periods of standing around waiting for stuff to happen. Still, the naked guy wearing only a sock on his meat and two veg did provided some brief relief from the lulls.

I also had some time for slow dancing with a very special friend at a deserted skybox club, the address of which escapes me for the moment - but them again maybe I don't want to share.

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