Mar 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Siggy, you ask, where does a Media Whore hang out in Second Life? And does it pay to be a hack? Well, the answer to the latter is "yes," provided you're prepared to spend a little bit of your real life actually writing. You can pretend to be many things in Second Life but you can't "pretend" to write. You can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk however at some stage you have to pen-the-pen. It helps if you actually enjoy writing and have some commitment to things called "deadlines" and actually learn to listen to editors.

Oh, and you have to be innately curious. Almost pathologically.

At the moment, in order to establish some sort of reputation, I'm writing for three different periodicals with three different target audiences. I also have this blog and now my podcast. At some stage I intend to talk to the folks at the Metaverse Broadcasting Company (MBC) about maybe having a talk show. Really.

Back to where does a hack hang? One place I like to occasionally prop the bar is the Speakeasy Club, a mafia-themed dance bar where my friend Logan Walker lets me sit at the bar with a Jack Daniels, IMing folks and watching the dancers. A hack has to have such a locale - it's part of the image.

But my real retreat is a two-storey apartment hovering over 300 meters in the sky - the ultimate in low-lag living. There I have a desk, some comfy snuggle chairs, a bed, and a collection of 19th century art that I use to fill my walls. The art I love and created myself by uploading textures and framing them. Not rocket science yet it means I can have a very personal collection.

My apartment also has a patio with space for parties, dancing, and a temporary hot tub. Of course, I'm not going to tell you where it is but at least you can take a peek ;)

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