Mar 10, 2008

Motorcycling in Rivuline: Tea Drinker's Union

So the podcast isn't ready just yet. As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. In my case, my plans were led awry because someone gave me a new gift: A motorcycle! Knowing that in RL I drive a Triumph Bonneville America (800 cc of black and silver sex-on-wheels) she thought it would make me happy to be able to take to two wheels and thunder across Second Life like the cliched bat out of hell.

Using the trusty "Search" button I found the Tea Drinker's Union Bike Track in Rivuline. There they have a bike track where you can rez your own machine and take to the streets.

This was also the opportunity for me to get some new fashion items; specifically a set of tattoos. Clearly if I was going to be mounting a hog, I needed to look the part. Remember, in Second Life image is everything.

I found a some great designs at SLinked Tattoos and picked out a modestly understated set consisting of arm bands, a kanji symbol on the right pec, and a colorful dragon for my back. And at $150 it hardly broke the bank - well, if there were still a bank to break in SL. Still, it was enough to make me feel like a tattooed biker and soothed my shallow ego.

Tossing on some torn jeans and a T-shirt I ported over to the track and invited my friend to come and join me in another opportunity for mutual suicide. I mention this because we had only just thrown ourselves into the raging cauldron of a volcano in Bora Bora a few days ago so we're looking at how many ways we can kill ourselves in SL. This may take some time and is another story.

We hopped on the bike and, just as predicted, we died within minutes in an horrendous accident involving velocity and a wall. I say "died" meaning that we crashed hard and would clearly have gift wrapped the wall with our entrails if we'd been in RL, but you see what I mean. After a few more rounds of the track, I improved to the point that we were riding more than we were getting back on the bike. That suited me.

We had a wonderful time burning rubber and ended the day by taking a trip to Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Only in Second Life...

Slurl to Tea Drinkers Union (Rivuline, 150, 7, 500)
Slurl to SLinked Tattoos (Athena,156, 241, 606)
Slurl to Bora Bora (Bora Bora, 127, 241, 21)
Slurl to Eiffel Tower (Yeolmae, 113, 142, 100)

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