Mar 28, 2008

Short, Lonely, and Quiet: Me or the Day?

Maybe it's the mid-week thing but last night was peculiarly subdued. After an early visit to Merry's place with my good buddies, I logged off to do some RL stuff - taxes, anyone? - and then visit the RL pub. When I got back on late, and it's always late in Second Life, things were quiet. I spent a lot of time at my house trying to see if I could improve the streaming music: I couldn't. Then I tried to fix a prim collar on a great sweater I have: I couldn't. This was in line with my earlier attempts to create a transparent cushion for a chair, which... yes, you guessed: I couldn't.

As with RL, you can spend some days in Second Life in something of a funk. Things feel weird; stuff doesn't happen; logging off seems to be the rational thing to do.

I ended the day with Mony and MTD at the Linden Balloon platform, a neutral safe haven for all the folks I know, talking about the economics of Second Life. Or possible lack thereof.

Then it got late. It's always late in Second Life. The day was short, lonely, and quiet. Like this posting.

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