Mar 18, 2008

The Podcast Is Out

In the section headed What To Download you'll see a link to the new SL on SL podcast. If you click, you'll be given the chance to subscribe to an RSS feed or simply download it to listen at your convenience. It will also be available via iTunes provided it makes it past the vetting procedure. Considering that the first episode is called "Penis Shopping," that might make the good people at Apple squirm.

So, as promised in the podcast, here are the links to an orgy sex room and the penis:

Slurl to Sex Room (Bird Seychelles, 128, 178, 129)
Slurl to Lotus Cock Evolution (Buffalo Run, 160, 65, 60)

You can get the penis at the Sex Room, but going to Buffalo Run is less laggy and you don't get contantly bumped into by dickless naked noobs.

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