Mar 17, 2008

Lost In Space

My friend decided to surprise me with a new find: A section of road in Coniston (Linden Land) where I could take my motorcycle and open the throttle. Oh happy day. I should have known things were not going to go too well when I first rezzed my bike and had to edit it. Unlike my previous adventure, this time the bike rezzed at a weird angle hovering in the air. The edit facility helped but it seems odd.

We hopped on and I began riding west. And I sucked. Big time. For whatever reason, my ability to control the machine was limited, to say the least. I spent more time on the grass and hitting trees than sticking the rubber to the road. But despite the abuse from my friend about my inability to drive, we did reach the end of the road and then left the bike to go exploring.

Ten minutes into our new adventure, I got the message that my bike had been returned to the "Lost and Found" folder of my inventory. Only it hasn't. It is lost somewhere in cyberspace. I am back to being bikeless.

My friend, who got me the bike in the first place, told me not to worry, but that didn't help. I don't expect her to get me another one so I will go out and buy my own. Draxxe Slade (use your "Search" button) creates motorcycles in SL and does some really cool machines. His "off-the-shelf" models at Loco Lobo Cycles sell for $1000 but he will design custom pieces.

Meanwhile I will keep checking the L&F to see if my original bike returns. Even if I buy a new one, there is some sentimental value to the one that is currently floating in the ether.

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