Jul 20, 2008

EXXESS Designs and Avenue Models: Some Show!

So what's not to like about hot models, hot clothes, and hot music? Layja Vidor had an exciting array of designs on show for the New World Order event that took place yesterday. Rusch Raymaker, owner of Avenue Models, provided the talent for the spectacle, and Zasa Rossini of La Belle Vie furniture designed the runway.

In keeping with the theme of "hot," the runway entrance was a large, fiery Egyptian-styled portal through which the models would appear -a trick that only Second Life can allow for without inflicting third-degree burns to the models and terrible damage to the clothes. And what caught my eye? Legs. Or should I say the leg-wear. There were a variety of straps, thongs, chains, and other modes of wrapping all drawing attention to the legs and thighs. Maybe it's just me but it seemed that Layja has spent as much time working on the outfits below the thighs as above!

The show was fast-paced and flowed seamlessly - or if there were glitches I didn't notice. Kudos to Rusch for making that happen: There is nothing worse than being at a fashion show waiting for something to happen and having to endure long gaps while the organizers get organized. The downside of this is that when you have such a vivid and crowded environment, taking pictures requires a lot of preparation and skill; two things I lack in abundance. My suggestion to my good friends at Wilder PR is to get a hold of some pre-show model shots and have them sent to the press immediately after the show.

Having said that, Shenandoah Saintlouis managed to get some pre-show pics and has them posted on her blog: ShenS Blog. Take a look at the outfits there, and note the leg work!

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